You don’t write a story because you have an idea but because you have a believable character. Flannery O’Connor

Compelling stories start with three-dimensional characters. Casting for documentaries on Discovery, History Channel, and W Network:

Responsibilities included content development and story producing; casting; writing intros, extros, links, stand-ups, research greens, directors’ scripts; overseeing production in the field and on set; coordinated location shoots in Morocco, Greece, Italy, France, USA.

Additional TV credits

TV Made me Do It!, research, 2008
Groomed, a Cinderella story for Men – Story Producer, 2006, W Network
Antique Hunter – Story Producer, Writer, Researcher, 2003/04/05 Seasons I-III, Global
So Chic –Story Producer, 2004, Season One, Life Network
Party Dish – Associate Producer, 2003, Season One, Food Network/Life Network
One Garden, Two Looks – Associate Producer, 2002, Season One, HGTV
Designer Guys Writer, Researcher, 2000 and 2001, Seasons One and Two, HGTV
Love By Design – Writer, Researcher, 2001-2, Season One, HGTV
House and Home – Segment Producer 2001, HGTV
This Small Space – Associate Producer, Writer, Researcher 1998 -2000, Seasons II-V, HGTV
Design For Living – Segment Producer, Researcher, Story Editor 1998-9, 2001, Season 1-4, HGTV
Harrowsmith – Researcher 1997 (Discovery)
A Day in the Country – Researcher Season Two, 1997 (Life Network)
HOMEstyle – Researcher Season Two, 1996 (CTV)

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