You don’t write a story because you have an idea but because you have a believable character. Flannery O’Connor

Compelling stories start with three-dimensional characters. For documentaries on Discovery, History Channel, and W Network, I cast a wide net to find the personalities, famous and not so, who could best tell their story on camera.

Responsibilities have included content development and story producing from the research stage through to episodic line-up; casting guests and scouting locations; writing intros, extros, links, stand-ups, research greens, directors’ scripts; overseeing production in the field and on set; overseeing makeovers; arranging contra; co-ordinating overseas locations in Morocco, Greece, Italy, France, USA.

Additional TV credits

Sexual Intelligence with Kim Cattral, research and casting, HBO
TV Made me Do It!, research
Groomed, a Cinderella story for Men – Story Producer, 2006, W Network
Antique Hunter – Story Producer, Writer, Researcher, 2003/04/05 Seasons I-III, Global
So Chic –Story Producer, 2004, Season One, Life Network
Party Dish – Associate Producer, 2003, Season One, Food Network/Life Network
One Garden, Two Looks – Associate Producer, 2002, Season One, HGTV
Designer Guys Writer, Researcher, 2000 and 2001, Seasons One and Two, HGTV
Love By Design – Writer, Researcher, 2001-2, Season One, HGTV
House and Home – Segment Producer 2001, HGTV
This Small Space – Associate Producer, Writer, Researcher 1998 -2000, Seasons II-V, HGTV
Design For Living – Segment Producer, Researcher, Story Editor 1998-9, 2001, Season 1-4, HGTV
Harrowsmith – Researcher 1997 (Discovery)
A Day in the Country – Researcher Season Two, 1997 (Life Network)
HOMEstyle – Researcher Season Two, 1996 (CTV)

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