I've experimented with blogs over the years. The two I've linked here fill in things about me. One is stuff I've wondered and laughed about over the years as the parent of young children, and now, from the other side, with the kids launched. It tells what I was thinking about all those sleepless nights, as I lay on the floor of one kid's bedroom, or when I walked the house wondering where -- or what -- a child had gotten to, and just general stuff that all of us parents go through  https://houseandhumour.wordpress.com/


The other is about how my family -- the several branches of it -- made their way to Canada, met, married, mated and birthed someone in my background. It's peopled with the characters who make up my family tree, and perhaps account for why I am who I am. At least partly. The stories in my family tree I have spent countless hours researching, digging through material on migration patterns, and what political or social currents were underfoot to cause my people to leave one part of the world for another. This is everyone's story, because in essence, family history is about migrations. Enjoy! https://thehistorysleuth.wordpress.com/