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Content creators are often short on time, and in need of a second set of eyes. Let me help -- with 30 years experience as a writer and editor, I am fast and thorough. 

What I will do for you:

  • clarify your story to better connect with your audience, whether for business, a book, or a post-graduate thesis

  • structural edit of reports, case studies, white papers for better flow and structure

  • check existing communications for consistent messaging and an easier read

  • oversee & edit social media content -- blog posts, twitter, web copy

  • research and fact-check white papers

What I won’t do:

  • overcharge – I bill only for the time I work

  • tell you I can deliver something I can’t

I'm a member of Editors Association of Canada (www.eac.ca) with experience on national consumer magazines, websites, corporate communications, small literary journals, and even PhD theses.  

Samples available